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CREATE GERMANY - Experience Design For Urban Destinations

Convention Workshops

March 7, 2018

12:00 - 12:45

Convention Hall 4.1, Room Regensburg

In today’s “experience economy”, urban experiences are the decisive factor for success in global competition among tourism destinations. Cities, regions and companies, need to identify their own topics, strengths and potential in order to derive contemporary measures and formats. With the help of international best practice examples, the experienced presenters and initiators of the Create Germany network employ vivid imagery and inspiration to show how exceptional and surprising cultural offerings, architecture, events and public spaces can make a lasting impression.

This workshop will be held in German, simultaneous translation will not be available.


Sebastian Brunner, Brand Strategist, Experience Designer

Robert Eysoldt, Strategic and Creative Consultant, Project Developer

Sebastian Fleiter, Creative Consultant, Entrepreneur