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ITB Future Day

Future, Marketing

March 7, 2018

10:30 - 17:45

Convention Hall 7.1b, Auditorium London


For 15 years, ITB Future Day has been the most important day of the ITB Berlin Convention. This is where mega trends in economy and society and key topics of the global travel and tourism industry are discussed. Exclusive empirical study results and examples of Best Demonstrated Practices from market and innovation leaders offer valuable insights and concrete decision-making support for entrepreneurial strategies and measures. The international speakers are “hand-picked” - they are top-level managers or specialists with unique know-how. The highlights include keynotes from, Ctrip and Google, as well as sessions about revolutionary means of transport and innovative technologies like blockchain. 

Hosted by:

Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady, Scientific Director of the ITB Berlin Convention, University of Applied Sciences Worms


Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady, Scientific Director of the ITB Berlin Convention, University of Applied Sciences Worms
Harry Glawe, Minister for Economic Affairs, Employment and Health, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Hon. Charles R. Banda, MP, Minister of Tourism and Arts, Zambia
Li Baochun, Executive Deputy Secretary General, World Tourism Cities Federation

For some, travel is an expensive luxury good, while for others it is an escape from their everyday lives. But travel is much more than just transporting, accommodating and entertaining customers. From acquiring souvenirs to acquiring mutual understanding, travel brings the world closer with every heart-to-heart communication acting as a form of cultural exchange. The mission of travel companies must be to make traveling easier and worry-free and to help each traveler become an ambassador of their own cultural identity. By doing this we can promote the respect and understanding of different cultures and at the same time generate economic, environmental and social benefits for local people.

Philip C. Wolf, Founder, Phocuswright Inc., Serial Board Director

Keynote Speaker & Interview guest:
Jane Jie Sun, CEO, International Ltd.

Based on around 500,000 interviews, the IPK World Travel Monitor is considered to be the world’s largest travel survey. The Convention presents the latest forecast data about worldwide and European travel – an essential basis for decision-making for the entire tourism industry.

Rolf Freitag, CEO, IPK International

The massive increase in conflicts at tourism hotspots shows that things can’t continue as they have until now. Initial experiences of very heavily affected destinations reveal which approaches were successful and which weren’t. Can smart technologies and the setting of quotas effectively mitigate “overtourism”? How can pricing be used to better manage demand, given time and capacity constraints? Will we soon need revenue management systems for tourism destinations as well? The latest McKinsey study (comissioned by the WTTC) takes a look at affected tourism regions and provides recommendations for actions.

Gloria Guevara Manzo, President & CEO, World Travel & Tourism Council
Margaux Constantin, Associate Principal, McKinsey

The continuing increase in traffic cannot be managed with existing transportation systems. Gridlock seems to be unavoidable. Technological leaps are making entirely new transportation systems, and seemingly revolutionary means of transport, possible. What will the transportation system of the future look like? What role will Elon Musk’s Hyperloop technology have in the future?

Christoph Schlautmann, Editor, Handelsblatt

Speaker and Interview Guest:
Dirk Ahlborn, CEO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. (HTT), Founder and CEO, JumpStarter Inc.

The revolution of travel will soon be reality: autonomous cars, fully-automatic, flying electric drone-taxis, hyperloop transportation and supersonic flight will make unprecedented forms of (luxury) travel possible. Will these new means of transportation be accepted and will customers be willing to use them? To which target groups are they best suited? Travelzoo conducted exclusive research for the ITB about how travelers from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia assess these new forms of travel.

Moderated by:
Christoph Schlautmann, Editor, Handelsblatt

Joel Brandon-Bravo, UK General Manager, Travelzoo

The crown jewel of Booking Holdings,, is a global juggernaut in hotel distribution. Meet its CEO in an intimate conversation with Phocuswright founder, Philip Wolf. This company is the ultimate customer acquisition machine, delivering value to travelers on all corners of the earth. Despite various initiatives to drive direct bookings, remains an important component of our industry´s ecosystem. This session will afford attendees invaluable insight to enhance their own strategies.

Interview guest:
Gillian Tans, President & CEO,

Philip C. Wolf, Founder, Phocuswright Inc., Serial Board Director

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize companies and the entire economy. Over a billion dollars have already been invested in blockchain research & development. Despite the hype surrounding blockchain, only few people have a detailed understanding of its main principles. How exactly does blockchain work, and what effects will it have on global travel industry structures? What have tourism industry pioneers been experiencing with blockchain, and which steps should companies now take?

Introductory presentation & Moderation:
Norm Rose, President, Travel Tech Consulting, Inc

Panel guests:
Maksim Izmaylov, Founder & CEO, Winding Tree
Frank Rosenberger, Member of the Executive Board – IT and New Markets, TUI Group
Decius Valmorbida, Senior Vice President Travel Channels, Amadeus IT Group