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Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach

Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach is an experienced wildlife veterinarian, working as Global Head of Research and Animal Welfare for World Animal Protection for over 10 years. He conducted his PhD research on Asian Elephants and specialised on animal welfare and wildlife trade concerns.  He recently led the first comprehensive assessment of the global captive dolphin industry, compiled to help stakeholders in the travel industry, governments and regular travellers make informed policy and practice decisions to protect dolphins. Having previously been based for 10 years in Asia, he has been leading on one of the largest studies on the welfare conditions of wild animals used in entertainment in Asia. This shed light on the inadequate conditions and suffering of these animals in an industry that caters to travellers seeking unique, yet often misguided experiences. Further experience includes curbing the bear bile industry in Vietnam, China and South Korea, exposing unsustainable practices of the civet coffee industry, researching wildlife markets and rehabilitating victims of the illegal trade, ending bear entertainment in Pakistan and India and providing advice or support to other organisations caring for wild animals.

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Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach
Global Head of Research and Animal Welfare
World Animal Protection



Friday, March 6, 2020, 11.00 - 12.00
Palais am Funkturm, ITB Convention Awards