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Ingo Lies

Ingo Lies is the founder of Chamäleon, YOLO, the Chamäleon Foundation and the Rainforest Foundation.

Over 20 years ago sustainability was an essential part of the founding idea, which made Ingo Lies become a pioneer of sustainable tourism. 70 percent of the tour price is used for the sustainable development of the hosting country. And for each guest 100 m² of rainforest is put under protection, contributing to its conservation and for climate protection. This philosophy is appreciated by the guests: the annual company growth is around 20 percent and this year Chamäleon will achieve sales of around 100 million Euro.

Ingo Lies is committed to sustainable development in several ways. In 2018 he was appointed Senator for the german economy and in 2019 elected to the Futouris management board. The Chamäleon Foundation is involved with around 1.2 million Euro annually in over 50 social projects worldwide and the Rainforest Foundation has so far protected an area of 12.5 million m² of primary rainforest.

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Ingo Lies
Founder & Managing Director
Chamäleon Reisen

Ingo Lies


Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 11.00 - 11.45
CityCube Berlin, Hall A1