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Claude-Eugene Bouvier

Claude-Eugene Bouvier is Secretary General of National Council of Thermal Establishments (CNETh) which represent all French thermal spa, medical spa professionals in health research. He works with the public authorities of Health care and for the improvement and a better recognition of the thermal medicine. CNETh performs three main missions:
- scientific evaluation of the rendered medical service (SMR) of thermal cures
- educational information to the general public and medical professionals
- represent the interests of thermal establishments by authorities of the State and Health Insurance.

CNETh - Conseil National des Etablissements Thermaux
75014 PARIS

1 rue Cels

Tel: +33 01 53 91 05 75 

Contact data

Claude-Eugene Bouvier
Secretary General
National Council of Thermal Establishments(CNETh)

Bouvier, Claude-Eugene


Thursday, March 5, 2020, 14.30 - 15.00
Hall 21b