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Revenue Management: Keynote, Best Cases And Panel

eTravel World

March 5, 2020

14:10 - 15:00

Hall 7.1b, eTravel Lab

  • Keynote by Profiter: High costs and low sustainability of online distribution. How inventory management AI can help
  • Best case presentations followed by a panel discussion:
  • The future of pricing in the hotel industry
  • What is the future role of a revenue manager?
  • What can revenue management solutions achieve today and where do hoteliers need experience and local knowledge?
  • How is the online distribution mix developing?

Osvaldo Mauro, CEO, Profiter

Moderated by:

Wilko Weber, Vice President Global Revenue and Digital Strategy, Kempinski


Siim Karu, Chief Revenue Officer, A&O Hostels

Jens Munch, CEO, Pace

Sigrid Ruppe-Senn, CEO, Interalp Touristik GmbH

Stan van Roij, Vice President - Hospitality, Infor