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Managing Overtourism with Next-Generation Guides

Virtual Reality

March 5, 2020

16:00 - 16:45

ITB VR Lab / Hall 10.2 / Booth 108

  • Overtourism suffocates historical centers of popular European cities.
  • The situation is getting worse every year as more people travel and most of them Google out the same top 10 places to visit. Mayors and DMOs are desperate and even consider restricting access.
  • Fortunately, technology can help. Personalization based on big data analysis and AI recommends different top places to visit for every tourist based on their interests. Engaging content enriched by AR experiences makes places outside of the city center appealing for tourists to explore. Guiding tourists smartly can reduce overtourism by 30% while improving satisfaction.  

Jan Dolezal, CEO, SmartGuide