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Hospitality Tech Forum

eTravel World

March 5, 2020

13:30 - 18:00

Hall 7.1b, eTravel Lab

What is driving the hospitality industry and what are challenges and opportunities arising from the digital transformation? Learn more at events on revenue management, marketing, sustainability and the future of the hotel industry. Detailed description of all individual events will be available here shortly.


Warm-Up Hospitality Tech Forum

  • Insights to technological scenarios and cognitive environments in the Big Picture
  • Examples of smart hotels from the pioneers
  • How to integrate smart solutions?
  • Evaluation of technologies and how to deal with current hurdles?

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vanessa Borkmann, Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO

Hosted by Hospitality Industry Club

Introduction & Moderation:
Daniel Zelling, Founder, Hospitality Industry Club

  • Keynote by Profiter: High costs and low sustainability of online distribution. How inventory management AI can help
  • Best case presentations followed by a panel discussion:
  • The future of pricing in the hotel industry
  • What is the future role of a revenue manager?
  • What can revenue management solutions achieve today and where do hoteliers need experience and local knowledge?
  • How is the online distribution mix developing?

Osvaldo Mauro, CEO, Profiter

Moderated by:
Wilko Weber, Vice President Global Revenue and Digital Strategy, Kempinski

Siim Karu, Chief Revenue Officer, A&O Hostels
Jens Munch, CEO, Pace
Sigrid Ruppe-Senn, CEO, Interalp Touristik GmbH
Stan van Roij, Vice President - Hospitality, Infor

  • Can the Fridays for Future hype be used for the industry?
  • Is there a stronger awareness among the guests?
  • How can sustainability be addressed in sales and marketing?

Moderated by:
Lea Jordan, Head of Marketing & Co-Founder,

Franziska Altenrath, Co-founder, TUTAKA
Suzann Heinemann, Managing Director, GreenSign
Moritz Hintze, Gründer, bookitgreen
Uta Janbeck, Hotel Management, Janbeck`s FAIRhaus
Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen, CEO, Suitepad

  • Are direct bookings increasing or not?
  • What happens to OTAs if metasearch egines offer bookings as well?
  • How do hotels and hotel groups need to prepare?

Panel guests:
Felizitas Denz, Performance Manager, east Hotel
Ben Jost, CEO, TrustYou
Iris Steinmetz, N.N.

  • What do you have to consider when repositioning a traditional hotel brand?
  • What are the pitfalls of brand restructuring?
  • What needs to be considered when communicating with employees?

Moderated by:
Sebastien Leitner,

Heiko Buchta, Hotel Manager, Platzl Hotel
Moritz Klussmann, CEO, Customer Alliance
Alexander Schuster, Head of Digital, 25hours Hotel Company
Michael Toedt, Co-founder, dailypoint™
Betina Welter, Corporate Director Marketing & Communications, VIENNA HOUSE HOTELMANAGEMENT GMBH

17:00 - 18:00

  • How do processes in the hotel industry change due to the use of new technologies?
  • Will there still be a need for personnel in the future?
  • How will the expectations of different target groups change?
  • Which hotel product is the promising model for holidays, which for business trips?

Moderated by:
David Turnbull, Hospitality Entrepreneur & Advisor, Board Member,

Ian Di Tullio, SVP of Guest Services, ACCOR
Stefan Matthiessen, Chief Brand Officer, Koncept Hotels
Simone Puorto , CEO, Travel Singularity
Christian Schwarz Lausten, EMEA Lead, Airbnb for Work