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Peter Marriott

Peter has established and successfully exited a number of technology companies through to acquisition. Notable success was as a co-founder of a treasury technology group that was acquired by Oracle...the solution is now the Oracle Treasury Module in their ERP Financials suite of products with over 3000 implementations globally.. He spent a number of years post acquisition with Oracle in the US and Asia.

MD of Global Loyalty ( which has established itself as a leading solution in the loyalty sector and now as co-founder of CardGenY ( which is a digital transformation toolkit that is achieving significant success including a major airline as an initial client.

He has a passion for building innovative IT solutions - essentially identifying, tracking and implementing new and disruptive technologies that have global potential.

Personally, sailing is a passion preferably off the coast outside of mobile network coverage.

About CardGenY
CardGenY is a digital transformation platform and mobile toolkit that's enabling banks/issuers, co-brand programs and next gen challengers to rapidly launch a range of compelling new digital business and customer centric mobile solutions..

With many new vertical FinTech and challenger solutions in the market customers now have new choices but ultimately a fragmented experience and app fatigue. As CardGenY consolidates many vertical FinTech capabilities in one area we make it far more seamless and cost effective for banks to implement new digital solutions compared to working with a range of separate vendors.

One of our initial clients is a major airline that will launch a compelling Daily Travel Card mobile app that will provide daily challenger bank / FinTech type tools and local merchant promotions and then adapts to being a travel app across the travel window covering booking, in transit and at destination.

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Peter Marriott


Friday, March 8, 2019, 13.30 - 14.00
Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage