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Keynote: Travel Sales As The Cornerstone For Successful Careers And Lucrative Business Models

Young Professionals

March 6, 2019

12:00 - 12:45

Hall 11.1, Young Professionals Stage

The travel agency is the first association one has with the travel industry. Within the industry, however, it has a rather unattractive image. But many great careers began in travel agencies, which acted as a door-opener because the skills learned there are essential. Thomas Bösl, a former travel agent who is now head of a mega-cooperation responsible for billions of dollars in sales, talks about the heart of tourism and what the market and managers can learn from travel sales. He clearly points out that no other place is as customer-centric. Exciting insights, unexpected career perspectives and polarizing ideas await the audience.


Thomas Bösl, Managing Director, Raiffeisen-Tours RT-Reisen GmbH, Speaker of the Business Management Committee, Quality Travel Alliance (QTA) & TIC Travel Industry Manager of the year 2018