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Keynote: How To Travel. A User’s Guide


March 8, 2019

11:00 - 11:45

City Cube, Auditorium A4/A5

On foot or by plane, all-inclusive or solo - what do we look for when we travel to other countries? How many new things do we want to discover, what do we want to leave behind, how much are we willing to change? Ilija Trojanow has lived on four continents. Based on personal experiences, he writes about the spirit of and gains made through vagabonding, combining profound reflection with fun and lightness. Various stages focus on preparations and suitable field packs, travelling alone or in the company of others, the right provisions, lean periods on the road, gibberish and signposts, rooms with views and souvenirs. Trojanow skillfully extends his talk to include mass tourism and the art of travel, which ought to be discovered anew.

Keynote Speaker:

Ilija Trojanow, Writer & Bestselling-Author