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Best Practice – Biofeedback: Applications In The Specialized Wellness Hotel Industry


March 7, 2019

11:25 - 11:45

CityCube Berlin, Auditorium A3

The term biofeedback or biofeedback training - is a medical device with the biological body functions that can not normally be consciously perceived, such as pulse rate, blood pressure, mental values and muscle tension, are made visible to the guest.

Applications include for example: learning relaxation techniques, improving recovery, sleep problems, tinnitus, high blood pressure, digestive problems, anxiety and stress.

In the area of relaxation and regeneration, the measurements made on the guest give information about the state of stress of the body and mind. In the biofeedback training, the guest learns how to voluntarily control these functions and deliberately bring about relaxation and regeneration.

Diana Sicher-Fritsch has developed a method that enables her hotel guests to influence these body functions within a short time. Diana gives an insight into how biofeedback can integrate working with specialized wellness hotels.


Diana Sicher-Fritsch, Life Coach & Mental Coach, MentalSpa Resort Fritsch am Berg, Gesundheitszentrum Denk-Art