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Human Resources In Spa: "We Need Qualified Hands!“


March 7, 2019

12:25 - 12:45

CityCube Berlin, Auditorium A3

We all know: spa staff is our resource N° 1. The most beautiful facilities are of no use if there aren’t therapists taking care about guests. There is not one single Wellness hotelier who is not looking for staff. Are they threatened with closing down - similar to other service industries- because they can no longer find therapists? What are the reasons for the glaring staff shortage in the spa? Is it just a phenomenon in German speaking area? What is the situation in other European countries? And what are the solutions? Wilfried Dreckmann, who has been working as a consultant in the European spa business for over 10 years, knows the market and describes the challenges and possible solutions. From "simple but not short-term" to "short-term, but only supposedly simple".


Wilfried Dreckmann, Owner, Spa Project