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ITB Future Day


March 6, 2019

10:45 - 17:45

City Cube, Auditorium A4/A5

Social and economic megatrends and their impact on strategies and business models in the travel industry

ITB Future Day has been the top day of the ITB Berlin Convention for 15 years. Here the megatrends in economy and society, as well as key topics of the global travel and tourism industry, are discussed. Best Demonstrated Practice examples from market and innovation leaders offer valuable insights and concrete decision-making aids for entrepreneurial strategies and measures. The international speakers are “hand-picked”, they are executives from the highest level or specialists with unique know-how. Highlights include the World Economic Outlook from the ifo Institute, the ambitious strategies of Chinese online giants, panel discussions with technology leaders and the keynote panel on the booming segment of in-destination services.


11:00 - 11:45

Tours & Activities are a strategic megatopic among in-destination services. All the "big players" in the industry are massively pushing into the "Technology, Tours & Activities" segment - and for good reasons: Tourists all over the world want special experiences in their destinations, they expect tailor-made offers and are prepared to spend more money on them. How can this huge potential be tapped, and how can the technological challenges be overcome? Are we experiencing a "quantum leap" in the individualization of travel offers, and can travel providers finally go back to differentiating themselves in terms of the quality of their offers? Can Tours & Activities offers even facilitate solutions to fundamental industry problems like Overtourism?

Globalization is the new word in China as travel companies seek their fortunes abroad. With the surge in outbound travel, and a massive shift towards independent travel, it’s only natural that they follow their customers. Hear from the leading Chinese companies on how they plan to expand, the opportunities they see and the challenges each face in their quest to translate their China playbook to international markets.

The development of the global economy is an important factor which influences tourism demand in the business and leisure travel segment. What will be the future economic development in the most important industrial countries and emerging markets? What is the influence of the many current geopolitical conflicts? What is the influence of the financial markets and currency crises? What are the effects on consumer and tourism demand? The President of the ifo Institute presents and comments on the latest data and offers forecasts for global economic development.

The ITB World Travel Monitor is the largest travel survey in the world, with data based on ca. 500,000 interviews. The convention presents the latest forecast data on worldwide and European travel behavior - an indispensable basis for decision-making for the entire tourism industry.

Digitalization and technological innovations are mega trends that will fundamentally change the travel and tourism industry worldwide in the coming years. A global competition for the leadership in artificial intelligence and big data, VR and AR, e-commerce and smart systems has erupted. Are the strongest innovations today and in the future coming from the USA, Europe, China or India? Who could judge the potential of technology innovations better than the CEOs of global OTA giants? We are curious to see which of them is already applying technology innovations successfully today.

17:00 - 17:45