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ITB Young Professionals Day

Young Professionals

March 6, 2019

10:45 - 19:30

Hall 11.1, Young Professionals Stage

Global travel industry trainees receive valuable career planning advice.

Well over 1,000 guests will listen to exciting keynotes, panel discussions and interviews about the business world of the travel industry. At the ITB Young Professionals Day, young professionals and academics in the global travel and tourism industry receive important guidance for their future careers. Top decision-makers from the tourism industry and politics give the young professionals valuable tips regarding career planning and necessary attitudes towards life and work. Things get very concrete when practitioners from travel companies, travel agencies and destinations indicate which tourism graduates they will need in the future. The questions regarding which types of people belong in which corporate environment, and the roles that motivation and emotion play in the travel business, are also exciting. The convention day is rounded off with the award ceremony of the DGT Science Award and the get-together of the German Society for Tourism Research DGT e.V.


10:45 - 11:00

The labor market and the economy are changing at an unprecedented pace. Driven by digitalization, values and business models are undergoing disruptive changes. Industry 4.0 combined with New Work, Overtourism in contrast to sustainability and the war for talent vis-à-vis skill shortages are just some of the issues of paramount importance. Young talent who have grown up in prosperity are looking for paths of low resistance and know that they will soon be able to choose their own jobs. What is left by the wayside is a clear, high-profile opinion on the core issues of the industry, a long-term focus on goals, a change in media usage patterns, and some less conspicuous characters. “Take a stand, engage yourselves and stand up for higher goals!”

In professional life, professional qualifications and the right mindset are decisive for success. Konstantin Sixt joined the management board of Sixt SE at the age of 32. Based on his own experience he explains which personality traits and professional know-how are career-enhancing in the global tourism industry, as well as how to deal with great responsibility as a young entrepreneur. He offers very personal glimpses into his career path and talks about opportunities, areas of tension and hurdles that have accompanied him.

Qualified young talent is of the utmost importance for the competitiveness of the global tourism industry. How will the demands tourism companies make on tomorrow's managers change? Well-known representatives from tourism practice give students and others interested in studying an indispensable overview and explain why the travel industry is an extremely attractive job market.

Large corporations, start-ups, medium-sized businesses or self-employment - what qualities should young tourism professionals bring to these very different types of companies? Which business models could be interesting for whom and which criteria are decisive in each case? Who offers a high salary, what are the opportunities for advancement? What are the requirement profiles, and which corporate philosophy suits me? Experienced personnel decision-makers discuss and provide decision-making aids.

The travel agency is the first association one has with the travel industry. Within the industry, however, it has a rather unattractive image. But many great careers began in travel agencies, which acted as a door-opener because the skills learned there are essential. Thomas Bösl, a former travel agent who is now head of a mega-cooperation responsible for billions of dollars in sales, talks about the heart of tourism and what the market and managers can learn from travel sales. He clearly points out that no other place is as customer-centric. Exciting insights, unexpected career perspectives and polarizing ideas await the audience.

Selling, motivating people and inspiring is the door-opener for – nearly everything? Using the example of adventure trips, Ingo Lies movingly explains why emotions are the key to every human being, and thus the basis for every motivation. Without the right communication, products and services are worthless. But how do you manage to sell products well and convince others of your ideas? We are looking forward to thrilling images, terrific expertise and lots of emotion.

The German Society of Tourism Research (DGT) and ITB Berlin present awards for excellent thesis papers: The best dissertation, the best paper by a young talent, the best paper about sustainability in the tourism industry, and the best paper about the digitalization of the tourism industry.

Following the award ceremony of this year’s DGT-ITB Science Award, a get-together for their members will take place at the DGT booth.