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Deep Dive Sessions 1

Convention Workshops

March 6, 2019

10:45 - 17:45

City Cube Club

The ITB Deep Dive Sessions satisfy the need of ITB trade visitors for an intensive professional exchange with experts in small groups. This is where valuable contacts are made and your individual questions and problems are addressed. The Deep Dive Sessions will focus on the key topics of the ITB Convention 2019.


11:00 - 11:45

Digital technologies and smartphones can untangle streams of visitors. Visitors can be guided away during rush hours or from over-visited hotspots. What do effective technology solutions look like, and which data are required from which sources? What have been the experiences so far with the innovative apps on the market? Do users accept “smart recommendations”? Researchers and pilot users explain and discuss the potential of digital technologies.

Overtourism is increasingly dampening the destination experience of international tourists. However, the specific tourist groups who perceive overtourism particularly negatively, the avoidance strategies they apply and the destination measures they might accept are all largely unexplored. The latest exclusive international study by Travelzoo and ITB sheds light on the darkness for the first time and provides destination managers with important decision-making aids in dealing with one of the biggest challenges in international tourism – both today and in the future.

14:00 - 14:45

The approaching Brexit is having a massive effect on the travel and tourism industry. Air traffic and other modes of transport are being threatened with disruption, and the freedom to travel is now open to question. Consumer, tax, labor and right of residence laws are yet to be clarified. What measures are being taken by British destinations, and how will the UK source market develop?

Science Slam Sessions are enjoying increasing popularity - and for good reasons: They are easy to understand, very instructive, highly entertaining and they get to the point very quickly. The first Tourism Science Slam provides vivid research results on air travel, hotel accommodation and beach holidays.